Legal Rights of Dog Bite Victims: A Guide to Seeking Justice

A dog biting a person’s forearm in El Paso.

Have you or a loved one recently experienced an attack from a dog that isn’t yours? Are you unsure what you can do from a legal standpoint? Here, we will discuss the legal rights you’re entitled to following an attack from a dog that isn’t yours. 


At K.E. Bradley Law, our dog bite lawyers in El Paso have been helping victims all across Texas. It’s an unfortunate situation when someone is attacked and bitten by a dog. However, it’s something that does happen. If you’ve been attacked by a dog and need help seeking justice, give us a call at (915) 240-6027 or contact us online today. 

Liability for Dog Bites

Dog owners are always responsible for their dogs when they are walking them out in public or letting them outside to play. If an owner knows their pet is aggressive, nervous, or hostile towards other dogs, it’s their legal responsibility to prevent them from hurting someone. Before hiring an El Paso dog bite lawyer, here are some things to know regarding a dog bite situation. 


  • When a dog bites or hurts someone, the owner will likely be responsible for any medical bills, work absence, suffering, and anything else that may have come from it. Criminal charges are also possible, but this is rare. 


  • The owner’s liability insurance will most likely cover the victim’s losses regardless if the incident happened on or off the property. 


  • No matter who is believed to be at fault, both the dog owner and the dog bite victim need to seek legal assistance from a dog bite lawyer


A dog bite lawyer will encourage a civil lawsuit to be filed against the dog owner if any of the following ends up being the case. 


  • State Laws Surrounding Dog Bites- Most states have strict liability laws that require the owner to be financially responsible for any injury they cause. 


  • The Injured Person Proves Intentional Injury- If owners know their dog will hurt or bite someone, they will become liable for the injuries. 


  • The Injured Person Proves Owner Negligence- If the owner violates a local leash law or leaves a gate open while the dog is outside, this can call for a civil lawsuit. 

Dog Bite Lawyers in El Paso

At K.E. Bradley Law, located in El Paso, our dog bite lawyers can help you prove liability in your case and help you seek justice. If you need legal assistance in a dog bite case, call (915) 240-6027 today.